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Looking for an ego boost, a great gift, or just a ton of fun? We are THE “go-to” for the ultimate glam photography experience! Our staff of experts enable Revolution Studios to not only offer you amazing images but an unforgettable and pampering makeover experience! 

I bet you are asking yourself who even does “glamour shots” anymore? Well we are far from that touche’ old school experience but we certainly know how to celebrate feeling great! So whether it is a milestone birthday or a self jubilee we know how to kill it!

Perceived society standards and life's everyday woes tend to influence us into feeling a little less about ourselves than what we really are. Sure, maybe we don't always go all out for our daily appearance. but the reality is we are all beautiful and taking the time to capture that to remind ourselves can be really empowering! 

What Is Glamour Photography?

A glamour session is really anything that makes you feel great! How the magic works on our end is contemporary shoot using dynamic lighting, upscale sets, and top of the line photographic equipment! Our team's collaborative and artistic style enable us to capture you in less traditional posing and environments utilizing our commercial photography studio in Raleigh. 

Glamour photography session concepts and ideas are really only limited by your imagination often being a self jubilee or celebration. They can be simple and sweet to high fashion, fine art, or dramatic. Once you arrive at your session we will go through your wardrobe, discuss goals, and come up with a collaborative vision for your session!

We are proud and passionate about our professional services! From styling which includes hair and makeup, pre-shoot wardrobe consultations, professional and experienced photographers, top-of-the-line lighting and equipment, fantastic yet realistic retouching, and HIGH QUALITY final products. The results and your experience will be nothing but the BEST!