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Looking for an ego boost, a great gift, or just a ton of fun? We are THE “go-to” for the ultimate glam photography experience! Our staff of experts enable Revolution Studios to not only offer you amazing images but an unforgettable and pampering makeover experience! 

I bet you are asking yourself who even does “glamour shots” anymore? Well we are far from that touche’ old school experience but we certainly know how to celebrate feeling great! So whether it is a milestone birthday or a self jubilee we know how to kill it!

Perceived society standards and life's everyday woes tend to influence us into feeling a little less about ourselves than what we really are. Sure, maybe we don't always go all out for our daily appearance. but the reality is we are all beautiful and taking the time to capture that to remind ourselves can be really empowering! 

What Is Glamour Photography?

A glamour session is really anything that makes you feel great! How the magic works on our end is contemporary shoot using dynamic lighting, upscale sets, and top of the line photographic equipment! Our team's collaborative and artistic style enable us to capture you in less traditional posing and environments utilizing our commercial photography studio in Raleigh. 

Glamour photography session concepts and ideas are really only limited by your imagination often being a self jubilee or celebration. They can be simple and sweet to high fashion, fine art, or dramatic. Once you arrive at your session we will go through your wardrobe, discuss goals, and come up with a collaborative vision for your session!

We are proud and passionate about our professional services! From styling which includes hair and makeup, pre-shoot wardrobe consultations, professional and experienced photographers, top-of-the-line lighting and equipment, fantastic yet realistic retouching, and HIGH QUALITY final products. The results and your experience will be nothing but the BEST!

Baby Bump MAternity Sessions

Maternity Sessions are a great way to celebrate your new curves and the beauty of pregnancy! Some ladies embrace their changed bodies and for others that doesn’t come as easy. Regardless of how you feel now you will be so happy you chose to capture it with a professional photoshoot later! Baby Bump Sessions concepts are really whatever you want them to be! From Artistic and Simple to GLAM or Boudoir styles we have helped many expecting mothers capture the beauty of this special time. Typically we suggest women to come in for their maternity photoshoot at about 30-36 weeks. During the last few weeks women tend to swell and its a little harder to move around for posing. Give us a call to talk more about your Maternity Session ideas, we would love to help!

online dating photo sessions

Online Dating Photo Sessions are growing more and more popular! So when you just googled thinking you were the only one looking for such you are wrong! LOL! For starters, not all of us are good at a selfies but more so people simply want to put their best self out there! At Revolution we have your back! From our pre-shot wardrobe consultation, optional in-house styling, and a more candid and casual photoshoot experience we know what type of images you want and need! Our studio shots are sure to wow however we often step outside for part of your shoot to offer another more natural look for these type sessions. Give us a call for a complimentary consult about how we can help showcase the best you!

teen Glam Sessions

Glam Sessions for Teens are a great confidence booster encouraging self love! Whether the shoot is for a Sweet 16, graduation, or “just because” we are here to celebrate you! We will start things off with a wardrobe consultation to go over what you brought and come up with a plan for your shoot! Then it’s off to styling where you are pampered and get photoshoot ready! Don’t worry mom…we will all chat about goals for the shoot and making sure that the level of “glam” works for everyone :) After styling you will work with a photographer shooting on several of our in-studio sets. Don’t worry, you don’t have to know how to do anything! A photographer will guide you throughout the whole experience! Have ideas of your own? Feel free to share with us your photo inspirations! After your session we will view your images the same day so you can pick out what you would like! Many of our Revolution Teens like to pair up and do the shoot with a bestie too! Give us a call to chat more about scheduling the shoots back to back and even capturing a few together!

GQ Sessions for him

GQ Sessions we like to call them are a great way for Gents to feel great! Typically these sessions we go for high fashion and artistic sexy. Think magazine cover, a little more editorial…think GQ. We have noticed that many clients that come in for these type sessions have something to say. Maybe they have achieved a weightless or fitness goal, they went through a break up, or maybe they just want to show off their swagger. GQ sessions make a great gift for someone or is a great way to treat yourself! Most of these type sessions take place in our studio where we can offer top of the line lighting to give it that GQ feel. We offer a pre-shoot phone conversation to tell you what to bring and what to expect ensuring that you are photoshoot ready! Give us a call to talk more about yours!