en·tou·rage (noun)
a group of people supporting An important person.

At Revolution Studios, our staff is dedicated and passionate about what they do! Every person brings a unique talent that enables our photo shoots and final photography products to be industry leading. We love what we do and it shows! From the energy we bring to the set to the artistic professionalism that is present throughout your entire experience, our photography teams operate with positive and creative synergy that make our services stand out.

Want to know a little more about us individually? Meet out entourage...




Owner/Principal Photographer

Mother 6 BOYS. Professional plant killer. Currently in coffee rehab (down to 1 a week) Loves old school rap. Perfectionist. Interior design aficionado. Union Jack junkie. Entertained by society idiosyncrasies. Obsessive compulsive about throw pillow placement. . Former professional dancer and singer. Proud practicer of urban parenting techniques :). Happily addicted to black and white anything. Loves a big wig. The boss. 



Studio Manager / Digitial Retouching Artist

 Kombucha Krazy! NC Foothills native, always looking for new breweries & trails to run. Proud uncle of 8. Perfectionist in denial. Currently dreaming of what I'll make for my next meal, i.e. are there any new Tasty videos on Buzzfeed? " I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious. " -Michael Scott.  Boxed Wine Connoisseur. Can't find a coupon for it? I bet I can! 


Aidan G-004.jpg


Principal Videographer/ VIdeo Editor


Former Nutmegger(CT). Horror Fanatic. Weakness for Italian food. Thalassophile. Videographer Bad ASS. Game of Thrones addict. Import car enthusiast. Night owl. has his own guitar tune. Adventure seeker. Would prefer to listen to a vinyl record. Sony & Apple advocate. 


photographer and Client Services


Second home is Target. One of the few southern hillbillies with a physics degree. Lifelong Volunteer (as in Tennessee).Can school anyone in a game of Name that Tune 1980s edition.  Gave birth to 5 babies, 3 of which were mine. Probably shouldn't challenge me to a game of Horse unless you plan to lose. Air bnb super fan. Connoisseur of fine patio bars. I'll have a Makers and ginger please.



The oldest of 3. Constantly on the hunt for the best Buffalo Chicken Sandwich.  Obsessive-compulsive perfectionist. Frequent drinker of Arizona Green Tea. Matthew McConaughey impressionist. HUGE cinephile. "Jaws" expert. Lover of the mountains and fall. Hater of sand. Writes, directs, edits, and shoots all aspects of video. Binge movie watcher. 



Hair and Makeup Artist

Will never say no to real southern sweet tea. Obsessed with anything Sanrio. Proud parent of a rescue cockatiel. Spends way too much money on makeup and bird toys. Anime + Gaming = Life. Needs more money for tattoos. Had to scrounge up a colored dress in a sea of black clothing for her headshot. 



Hair and Makeup Artist

Daughter, Sister, Twin. Enjoys being accompanied by best friend and dog Levi.  Loves to shop but hates to spend a dollar.Animal freak, with 5 others dogs and tons of farm animals to go along. Frequently mistaken to be a Ginger because of my freckled face and body. Makeup stylist queen that sometimes can't even get her own eyeliner even. :)



Hair and Makeup Artist


Filipina. Dog mom to two talkative Husky mixes. Drawing since 5. Accent obsessed. Ireland dreams. Youngest of five - a.k.a. perpetually poking people. Tattoo addiction. Former emo kid. Fake smart about basketball. Prefers food in a bowl. Slightly OCD. Loves making lists.