Illustrative Photography with Kearsten now at REVOLUTION STUDIOS! / by Somer Handley

Not all places we think of in the imaginative world of illustrative photography are full of rainbows and confetti…Here is a peek into a little more of a dark side from a illustrative piece Kearsten did and a few words from her about this personal story! Love it!

" One of the things I enjoy about being a photographer and working with people is the ability to capture one's true self.  Well, as we know we hide a lot behind a smile or a look.  I decided on the idea of creating an illustrative image to "speak" volumes on ones mood at the moment.  My daughter has dealt with a lot of anxiety and depression as a pre teen well into her teen years .  One would never know as she is always put together ... hair is done, make up on point and the smile is dazzling and would melt any heart.  But behind the scenes lies a girl with a lot of questions and a lot of sadness about who she is to the world . 

It was very hard to watch her struggle in high  school with the social media issues as well as her struggles day to day with people and feeling like she doesn't fit in.  So i decided to create an image that "I" felt represented what she was going through .  

The image of the abanonded house where she is placed represents a home of sorts but it isn't perfect .... her father and I are divorced.  Her pretty pink sparkly dress is the only beacon of hope in the dark cloudy atmosphere of the room... hence her mind. 

"When it rains it pours" is the expression and I feel she has stood in that mental state for some time. 

Her hair and face look pretty but its a mask to hide whats inside..... 

I worked on this image unbeknown to her and when it was done I revealed it and asked if it was how she felt.... yes ... yes she said... it does.  

A feeling of heartbreak and accomplishment washed over me at the same time.  

The truth is art is an amazing way to express ones visions and sometimes visuals can speak volumes over words.