A fun Boudoir Photo Shoot experience / by Somer Handley

Sure, most people think of boudoir photography as only being shot in a portrait studio, typically involving fancy lingerie and some kind of romantic bedroom-like décor. But the best boudoir pictures are those that reflect the client's unique style and personality, like the shoot we recently did over at Level Up Kitchen and Barcadium. Level Up has a bunch of great games plus food and brews. It's like a video arcade for grownups, and way more fun than a boring ol' neighborhood bar. Especially for boudoir shoots, as it turns out.

Achievement Unlocked: Boudoir, Expert Level

Although we've done some in-studio boudoir shoots with this client before, the primary reason we set this particular session up in such an offbeat location was to get some shots we could submit to photography magazines.

Boudoir photo packages are only getting more popular, but not everyone wants the same feel from their shoot. We think it's a good idea for folks to see the wide range of boudoir photo ideas that are out there so they feel really comfortable during their session.

At the risk of tooting our own horn, we've got to admit that we absolutely love how this non-standard boudoir shoot turned out. The killer combo of crew socks plus pinball machines created a decidedly singular vibe that's still completely sexy, and it was great to get out of the studio and switch things up a bit. (Shout out to our buddy Jon Seel, who did us a solid by closing his space for our boudoir shoot.)

Check out a few of our favorite pics from behind the scenes as well as final shots below.