Branding Video Landing Page- Fusion Dental and Eye, Raleigh, NC by Somer Handley

Not many companies have the vision, the creativity, or the guts to put a living, breathing representation of their company and product/service on their website.  Those that do will have a major advantage over their competition. Custom Videos can be used as website landing pages, subpage banners, Facebook Cover, and social media in general. Ask us more about how we can help boost your brand and google placement with adding video to your marketing plans!

House of Hops new Video Landing Page! by Somer Handley

First impressions are a MUST within a saturated marketplace! If you are looking a creative way to get noticed and stand out from the competition, custom videos are a great option to showcase your company and enhance your website and marketing! Here is a peek from a recent shoot done by Aiden at House of Hops in Raleigh! Custom Videos like this can be used as website landing pages, subpage banners, Facebook Cover, and social media in general to add that wow factor to a first impression! 

WWWWW on Boudoir with Revolution Studios by Somer Handley

W’s of Boudoir:


1.  WHO

Boudoir offers an escape from the mundane and everyday life into a place where maybe we only go in our heads...a kind of fairytale place (maybe the only place) that we feel like a sexy beast lol. Are you laughing at this concept? Yes, Yes, many of us find it humorous to think of ourselves as sexy or even beautiful. You ARE! The real question is do you feel it? That is where we come in! Boudoir photography is often done for significant others as gifts but ends up being such a ego boost for yourself! This is an experience tailored around feeling unique and beautiful and letting those feelings being expressed or seen for the first time in artistic expression. Don’t be fooled into thinking you need to be a model to have an incredible Boudoir Shoot.  Boudoir is for REAL life people...all shapes, all sizes, all sexes. Boudoir is for the bride to be who wants to gift the best groom’s gift ever :). Boudoir is for the survivor to feel liberated again. Boudoir is a couple looking to add a little spice to their relationship. Boudoir is for a personal jubilee! Boudoir is for YOU and is one of the best ways to bring out and capture a sexier side that is often lost in our busy lives!

2.  WHAT

Bou·doir- ˈbo͞oˌdwärˈ-noun.

boudoir -(plural noun: boudoirs); a woman's bedroom or private room;

From the French verb to sulk; to pout


Of, relating to, or suggestive of sexual intimacy:


So what is boudoir in 2018??  Professional Boudoir photography today is a medium for self-expression. Boudoir Photography sessions are a professional opportunity to express your love, your fears, and your vulnerability helping you conquer your inhibitions and see yourself in new ways. Beautiful...Glamouous...Sexy.  Boudoir concepts and ideas range and over the life our business we have seen just about every interpretation of boudoir. Of course there is the traditional lingerie, his favorite jersey, and vintage pin up looks accompanied with a red lip and cat eye. There is the simplicity of loose waves in your hair and just a plain white sheet. We have also seen costumes of ALL SORTS, golf clubs, roller skates, motorcycles and cars, caution tape, and camo you name it! How ever you want to express or dress that makes you feel good we are here to help! We work together with you on a vision for your shoot to make sure you have a great session and amazing final products! Everyone deserves to feel and look their best.  Boudoir photography can be a great platform for this and if you have done your research you already know we are the best!



3.  WHEN?? Some of our clients choose do do sessions in a time of celebration but this is about you and the time is NOW!  This isn’t something to put need this! Getting your session on the calendar is a great start and I bet it makes you nervous just thinking about it right? What do I wear? What happens during a boudoir session? We will go over all these things with you prior to you even scheduling! Our expertise and professionalism will put you immediately more at ease!  Commiting to what may be super scary will end up being one of the best liberating experiences you have had! Although we don’t feel you need any reason to schedule your session here are some reasons you can use to help justify lol...When you’re getting married or an anniversary. When you meet a personal fitness or weight loss goal. When you want to do something with your significant other that is new and fun.  Whatever reason or if none at all, lets match up calendars! We are open Monday thru Friday and take our first appointment at 930 and last at 2pm. Our smallest boudoir experience has you here for a total of 3 hours so something to take into consideration when contacting us to schedule.


4. WHERE?? Most of our boudoir sessions take place in our studio located in Raleigh off Glenwood Ave. Our commercial studio space is HUGE and offers many backdrops.. We have many predesigned set that include couches, chairs, chaises, a bed, setees etc... We are constantly updating the sets to accommodate our repeat visitors so you never know how our space will look when you get here!  Our clients come from all over because we truly are THAT good at what we do.

Revolution Studios

6909 Glenwood Ave #102, Raleigh, NC 27612



5. WHY??

    To a question with a thousand plus answers, the perfect retort is:  




Coolsculpting Behind the Scenes Video Shoot by Somer Handley


What a fun day working with Synergy on new CoolSculpting Marketing Videos to launch later this month! During the shoot today we worked with 3 models who have had Coolsculpting with Synergy who are so in love with their results that they didn't mind sharing! From a marketing side this made the job easy on us all! It was great to hear their stories and bring that excitement to life through our commercial videography shoot!

At Revolution Studios, we know and understand that any commercial photography and videography has to reflect your brand and product, as well as attract today's modern consumer.  Have a premium product that needs exceptional photography in order to sell and market professionally?  We have the artistic eye, commercial equipment and skill set to provide you with exceptional imagery to market and brand your product and your company.  Whether a in studio or an on location lifestyle shoot we work together to make sure your imagery reinforces and complements your brand. 

During Commercial Photography and Videography Shoots we may do things like capture the warm reception at the time a client calls, a client consultation, a friendly patient exam, or an everyday board meeting. Our commercial photography and videography reveal an up close and personal side to your business that helps enhance your marketing materials and define your brand. 

By the way have you met Kyle? Kyle is our staff Videographer covers all of our Revolution Client's Video needs! From Commercial clients, Video testimonials, Weddings, and Events he is a creative bad ass who compliments our team so well! 

Check out a few of the behind the scenes shots of our owner Somer who was the Creative Director for this shoot, Kyle/ Videographer, Team Synergy, and models!