Scoop rides

Scoop Revolution Rides are a great way to humanize and enhance a personal connection! Showing a more candid and even a fun side will create a more loyal consumer and fan! Modern marketing in a saturated marketplace haves all looking for creative ways to capture our audience! Businesses, brands, and your image whether big or small share the importance of successful engagement! Consumers want more!  They want to feel connected! They want to be entertained! Its super import to educate and sell but it's equally important to put that aside sometimes and be real!  From Sing-a-longs and musical challenges to absurd quizzes and games...jump in for a ride for a unconventional interview peppered with our notorious in-car shenanigans!  



Scoop Corporate

Its all fun and games (literally) when we roll out the red carpet during your next Corporate Event or Conference! Scoop Revolution offers attendees a break from the intense thinking and "necessary" with a chance to let loose! Your stage? A luxury vehicle that is set up with full lighting, sound, and video recording that is sure to cause excitement! Passengers are encouraged and prompted by our staff to participate in in-car sing-a-longs and hilarious games (solo or in groups) during their approximate 60-90 seconds in the limelight. Awaiting passengers are able to watch clips of co-workers on a large monitor outside the vehicle while sorting through costume flair, instruments and props to take along for their debut!  With anticipation of their upcoming turn our staff provides direction and helps ignite confidence in their mini recording session. The result? Aside from the obvious of the video montage including these outrageous outtakes is the experience and memory.  Clever, unexpected activities such as Scoop can make your attendees experience more interesting and keep them talking about it long after your event ends.


Scoop Events

Grand Openings, Galas, Weddings, Concerts, Celebrations and more... all Coming soon!