Workshops with Somer HaNdley


Looking to add Boudoir and Glamour to your current photography business or take your current model to the next level? Chat it up with expert Somer Handley in one of our exclusive Glamour and Boudoir Workshops revealing the art and business side of this BOOMING industry!

On the artistic side of our workshop Somer will cover shoot preparation, wardrobe, hair and make-up, sets, posing, lighting, and retouching. Somer additionally will shoot both an experienced and inexperienced model live giving you a step by step guide on how to conduct these types of sessions.  During this demonstration Somer will verbalize her own personal thinking processes and welcomes questions throughout. We will close this portion of the workshop with you being able to shoot the models in our studio with Somer's guidance. All images you take during this workshop can be used to market Boudoir and Glamour in your own portfolio.

While knowledge and ability to take amazing photos is a HUGE part of your success as a photographer many artists struggle to take those skills to the next level in being a successful and sustainable business. In the business side of our workshop Somer will dig deep into client experience and lasting relationships, workflow, sales strategy and techniques, marketing, and pricing. 

Why with us? With over 16 years as a full-time business, a staff that includes three photographers, a digital retouching artist, two post print sales employees, two stylists, and a studio manager... trust us when we say "we have been there!" We started out small with Boudoir and Glamour being just a small part of our business and are now shooting over 1,000 clients per year. We know the struggles and have made the mistakes. This is your chance to take advantage of years of experience and our true love to make people feel good about themselves through imagery. 

If you are serious about starting or growing the Boudoir and Glamour side of your photography business come be a part of this enriching and fun workshop shooting with photographers around the country with expertise from an industry leader.